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Commercial Refrigeration

Can you afford a Commercial Refrigeration failure?

It is your investment, it is your source of revenue and it is your business.  As a business owner/manager you are aware of the large investment that resides in your display cases, walk-in refrigerators and freezers.  Considering that in many cases the items in these units are the basis to your business itself.  Can you afford a failure?

S and H offers service and performance maintenance so that your equipment last longer and performs better.  Scheduled maintenance also means your business is able to stay ahead of potential problems.  When possible failure of a component does happen, knowing ahead of time avoids the deadly delay of having to wait for specialty parts to arrive.

When failure does happen however, S and H is ready and able to respond to your emergency.  Skilled in unit repair of most major brands and with a full access to parts and components, S and H can keep your investment secure and your business operating.

Contact us today to schedule a review of your equipment for service contract pricing.  If disaster seems imminent or has already happened, call us now for immediate service and solution.


What You Can Try Before Contacting Us for your Commercial Refrigeration Service

At times what seems to be failed system can be remedied by some general system review.  Here are a few simple checks that can be performed before contacting a refrigeration specialist.  Of course even taking the time to do some of these items may take away from your producing business so know that S and H is always ready to do any level of system reset, programing or repair that may be needed.

Refrigeration Does Not Run

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  • Make sure the refrigeration unit componets are plugged in securely.
  • Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker
  • If surface plug check the outlet voltage
  • Confirm On/Off switch in the On setting.

Refrigerator or Freezer Not Cold Enough

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  • Confirm operation of door seals
  • Confirm temperature setting on thermostat
  • Confirm that overloading of refrigerator or freezer so that there is enough room for air flow

Water on Floor Outside of Refrigerator

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  • Check for drain obstructions
  • If from ice maker check for leaks in supply water line
  • Check drain pan for proper drainage
  • Check for freezing then defrosting supply lines to unit.

Refrigerator or Freezer Making Strange Noises

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  • Check for obstructions to condensing unit fans
  • Check for obstructions to evaporator fans
  • Check that the refrigeration unit is still in a level position
  • Note that some hissing and popping is normal in defrost mode of some frost free units.

Refrigerator Starts and Stops Frequently

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  • Check evaporator coils for frosting
  • Check for loose plugs in outlet
  • Check for thermostat too high, too low settings
  • Confirm that condensor coils are not obstructed.

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